Academic writing editing services enables and helps academic writers in preparing their publication documents. We are offering tailor-made professional academic writing services of expert level excellence, at a very reasonable price, which provides a prompt return on investment to those who are involved in academic writing.


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The academic editing services encompasses: content editing, word to word proofreading of document, content assistance, essential modifications, validation and confirmation of proper formatting styles, source citing and proper scrutiny of citations. Our academic experts provide their expert opinion with books, seminar papers and periodicals, journals, dissertations and thesis papers. Though our specialization is in academic documents, we guarantee to edit any sort of documents, containing but not restricted to research proposals, grants, career resources and tools (E.g. lesson plans, cover letters, resumes, research statements, philosophy statements), academic books and website content. We are committed to provide first-hand specialized writing and editing services in order to provide our clients with satisfactory assistance in publication of their work.

Why Choose Academic Writing and Editing Services?

We attempt to provide customized professional academic writing services that exceed common anticipations. The academic editing services expert aids as a supporter; working profoundly, logically and accurately to make sure that your documents are sound and impeccable.

Discretion and Sanctuary

We follow the utmost and premier standards and values that have been accepted in the professional academic writing services industry. The content of our clients is treated with paramount reverence, with severest confidentiality of documents. We have a strict policy of client’s data protection, and would never release any evidence or information of our clientele or their publications to 3rd party. Your documents are treated with the maximum concealment and is never disclosed or misrepresented at any cost.


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Practice and Proficiency

We prudently examine and scrutinize our professional academic services experts, 90% of them are permanent educational writing and linguistic experts. Some of our experts possess their PHDs or Master’s degrees and are working in their particular fields, either teaching or conducting research; some of the experts are retired academic professionals who excelled in their respective academic careers. Our experts have published health journals, worked as copyreaders of medical and law periodicals; have written, edited, or even translated books; or have been serving as expert writers for years. Almost all of the academic editing services providing writers are native English speakers, although some experts live across the globe yet having phenomenal linguistic expertise. Our hard-working and vigilant writers have helped number of writers across the globe, who are working on their publications or needed professional academic Writing Editing Services.


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How Can We Assist You?

After receiving your documents, we prudently analyze the instructions given to academic writing editing services, the main focus is given to the deadlines of the project, the name or guide is also considered, such as Chicago Manual of Style; and no matter if you need British or American English. We have also segregated the academic editing services experts by their professional fields because it is easy to meet deadlines when one knows better about the field. The writer would make a sample of about 500 words for the documents, and 5000 words or more. The sample edit will give the client an idea regarding the final documents.

We offer three types of academic writing editing services: a slight edit or copy edit where we change grammar, vocabulary, formatting and rules; a heavy edit, which will include the overall edits, a full document scrutiny and a proofread suggestion and editing.

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To get a price quotation for your particular required services, you need to submit the document for our review. Complete document would be required to analyze and examine the costing. In some documents, partial portion of the document would suffice. However, if the client would not submit the complete work order and if the work order is incomplete the costing would not be accurate and can vary and so will the services.

We are offering state of the art services that caters all customer’s distinctive requirements. All of our academic experts are highly qualified and experienced writers, which enables them to provide you quality writing and editing services. Professional academic writing services needs professional guidance and it should be hassle-free for writers, and with our services a writer can concentrate and focus on the research more.

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