Why educationalist believes that online education is the way forward for humanity?

Why educationalist believes that online education is the way forward for humanity?

The world education scenario was not in that danger before as it is now. The overall literacy rate in the world is declining and after all the serious efforts, conditions are not good for taking education in most parts of the world. Due to this, the educationalist conducted a search for an alternative which can make the situation slightly better for the education. And most of them landed on the conclusion that the online learning is the solution.

This belief of the educationalists is not on the false grounds. They have their reasons and out of those reasons, I am going to tell you a few of them in the next lines of this article.

Online Education is much accessible than traditional education method:

The traditional methods of education need physical mediums. If you want to spread education in any part of the world, you need to construct a school and college buildings, hire teachers and other academic staff and have to provide all the facilities which are important for education. On the other side, for the online education, you only need a website and the internet connection. That’s what makes the online education much accessible than traditional education methods and one of the reasons why this could be a way forward for the global education scenario.

Much more affordable than brick and mortar colleges and universities:

Because there is no need of any physical existence, the students don’t have to bear all the expenses related to the physical existence. This cuts down the overall cost to quite an extent and make the online education much more affordable.

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